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[texts]Software Houses List
Software Houses Details
Keywords: house; software house
Downloads: 2
[texts]The Games Machine magazine Issue 10 Supplement

Keywords: software; stand; games; atari; showcase; commodore; computer; game; pepsi; joysticks; software house; personal computer; pepsi challenge; earls court; national computer; computer games; computer challenge; big apple
Downloads: 197
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 100

Keywords: call; program; print; goto; toolkit; hcw; sound; software; computing weekly; call sound; user defined; ring bound; multiple statement; interceptor software; software reviews; call char; letters letters; software house
Downloads: 85
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1985-01-24)

Keywords: program; thai; software; bbc; sinclair; lor; computer; spectrum; computing weekly; popular computing; software house; price cut; disc drive; arcade game; set willy; software houses; knight lore; machine code
Downloads: 101
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1986-01-30)

Keywords: thai; graphics; game; program; software; arcade; commodore; games; arcade games; ideal micro; music keyboard; melbourne house; popular computing; software house; ihe game; open door; software series; spectrum point
Downloads: 87
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 56 Supplement

Keywords: stand; atari; showcase; games; software; ihe; pepsi; ihc; computer; arc; personal computer; software house; pepsi challenge; earls court; computer games; national computer; computer challenge
Downloads: 270
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 11

Keywords: offer; atari; amiga; game; software; commodore; games; tgm; version update; amstrad cpc; mail order; double dragon; software houses; sound effects; summer games; software house; army moves; games machine
Downloads: 650
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1984-02-16)

Keywords: program; bbc; software; thai; dragon; programs; lor; spectrum; open forum; machine code; software houses; software house; popular computing; star game; bbc model; sprite magic; arcade game; ram pack
Downloads: 73
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 31

Keywords: erm; lor; tor; ond; spectrum; games; ttie; thai; turns subsequent; game; free turns; subsequent turns; machine code; adventure offer; ihe game; pom pom; software house
Downloads: 238
[movies]tweakers / 6793 / Launchtrailer van Miner Wars 2081
Een launchtrailer van de game Miner Wars 2081, een onbekende game van Keen Software House, die thuishoort in de genres space simulation, first person shooter en survival.
Keywords: tweakers; 6793;

Een launchtrailer van de game Miner Wars 2081, een onbekende game van Keen Software House, die thuishoort in de genres space simulation, first person shooter en survival.

Downloads: 5
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 061 (1986-11)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 061 (1986-11)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: return; spectrum; commodore; atari; software; games; graphics; joystick; computer; asterix; good computer; computer stores; boulder dash; atari smash; software house; smash hits; roy turner; post free; joystick interface; big red
Downloads: 55
[texts]Crash - No. 11 (1984-12)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 11 (1984-12)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: game; software; crash; spectrum; graphics; adventure; games; screen; arcade; crash december; machine code; comments control; addictive qualities; software houses; melbourne house; software house; dark star; user defined; jet set
Downloads: 104
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Sonic Boom (1987)(Activision)
Commodore C64 Manual: Sonic Boom (1987)(Activision)
Keywords: und; commodore; des; sie; sega; les; sur; vers; tasti; premete; neu definiert; manor farm; sega enterprises; terry morris; sonic boom; software house; eingeben und; votre ordinateur; appuyez sur; les touches
Downloads: 37
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 087

Keywords: print; program; software; ram; ihen; cls; spectrum; computing; goto; commodore; microdrive cartridge; micro mart; computing weekly; clever clogs; software house; starter packs; fizzy pop; letters letters; rocky horror; machine code
Downloads: 105
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 04

Keywords: games; atari; software; tgm; spectrum; player; graphics; game; mel; commodore; software houses; software house; games machine; dear games; digital pictures; police quest; judge dredd; star wars; space quest; grand prix
Downloads: 188
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 015 (1983-01)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 015 (1983-01)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: atari; software; games; computer; bbc; spectrum; goto; poke; program; video games; wide range; seventh empire; bbc model; video game; machine code; bbc micro; squares explode; software house; send sae
Downloads: 126
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 02

Keywords: tgm; games; ihe; spectrum; commodore; atari; game; software; amstrad; tor; games machine; amstrad cpc; software house; computer game; yogi bear; version update; software houses; freddy hardest; electronic arts; dark sceptre
Downloads: 280
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 032 (1984-06)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 032 (1984-06)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: games; game; spectrum; software; commodore; arcade; atari; computer; bbc; video games; pole position; grand prix; set willy; jet set; super action; sound effects; software house; hard hat; credit card
Downloads: 129
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 068 (1987-06)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 068 (1987-06)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: atari; software; game; spectrum; games; passcard; commodore; bond; sentinel; living daylights; pink passcard; james bond; third party; red passcard; bond dossier; software houses; software house; mail order; lazer software
Downloads: 130
[texts]Crash - No. 19 (1985-08)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 19 (1985-08)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: game; crash; software; spectrum; graphics; games; adventure; screen; code; crash august; machine code; comments control; addictive qualities; software house; great deal; bruce lee; robin candy; jet set; software houses
Downloads: 257
[texts]MSX Micro - Ano I Numero 07 (1986)(Fonte Editorial)(BR)(pt)
MSX Micro - Ano I Numero 07 (1986)(Fonte Editorial)(BR)(pt)
Keywords: czs; para; msx; uma; como; nao; locate; mais; programa; dos; msx micro; uma das; poke poke; para msx; cheque nominal; capacidade para; software house; sao paulo; linha msx; pode ser
Downloads: 72
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 60

Keywords: crash; ttie; game; ttw; exit; ihe; data; games; spectrum; arcade; crash january; exit top; tefal men; software house; rem infinite; exit bottom; collect cargo; star wars; randomize usr; preview tape
Downloads: 837
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 070

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; tor; lor; game; bul; wilh; ttie; ore; good fun; training mode; summer camp; mail order; double dragon; video tape; software house; sim city; laser gun; iron man
Downloads: 655
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 19

Keywords: ihe; crash; game; software; spectrum; graphics; thai; adventure; august; crash august; machine code; software house; software houses; great deal; started addictive; software memory; rocky horror; robin candy; comments control
Downloads: 617
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 075

Keywords: game; games; software; arcade; thai; amiga; atari; spectrum; football manager; commodore; arcade game; arcade adventure; star wars; melbourne house; mail order; electronic arts; software house; computer games; spectrum version
Downloads: 707
[texts]MSX Micro - Ano I Numero 05 (1986)(Fonte Editorial)(BR)(pt)
MSX Micro - Ano I Numero 05 (1986)(Fonte Editorial)(BR)(pt)
Keywords: para; czs; msx; uma; como; dos; por; linha; sao; nao; msx micro; czs czs; pode ser; linha msx; sao paulo; para msx; software house; por uma; menu principal; hyper sports
Downloads: 111
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 02
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 02. August 1981. Disabling the STOP key // Wordpro and the 40-8032 // CBM 8010 notes (Paul Higginbottom) // the 2nd International Commodore PET show (Paul Higginbottom) // Video Interface for the 40/80 column PET/CBMs (Ted Evers) // new DIAL-A-ROM models from Kobetek Systems // Joystick/Keyboard routine (David Hook) // What hardare do I have? (Jim Butterfield) // The fat 40 - a new generation 40 column PET (Jim Butterfield) // The SuperPET: a first look (Joseph P...
Keywords: commodore; rom; program; software; screen; cbm; poke; pet; programs; roms; video interface; variable blocks; wordprocessing packages; waterloo microbasic; software house; original rom; key pressed; flat ribbon; database product; communications software
Downloads: 143
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 088

Keywords: game; graphics; amiga; games; ore; arcade; atari; thai; roger rabbit; gome; strategy game; software house; role playing; colour monitor; led storm; video games; computer game; framed roger; play ability
Downloads: 582
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 21

Keywords: crash; game; software; spectrum; screen; ihe; games; program; graphics; adventure; crash october; machine code; screen machine; addictive qualities; software houses; spectrum version; software house; exploding fist; comments control; robin candy
Downloads: 750
[texts]C16 Plus 4 Handbook Issue 09 (1987-04)(H&D Services)(GB)
C16 Plus 4 Handbook Issue 09 (1987-04)(H&D Services)(GB)
Keywords: game; screen; poke; graphics; berks; objects; games; payability; joystick; game type; dddddd dddddd; scores graphics; king size; baby berks; software house; playing area; load game; game playing; video meanies
Downloads: 92
[texts]Amstrad Action Issue 011

Keywords: amstrad; game; software; screen; pcw; cpc; graphics; program; arcade; disc; software house; takes place; amstrad action; green screen; action august; grab factor; factor staying; screen view; second opinion; mail order
Downloads: 395
[texts]Amstrad Action Issue 097

Keywords: cpc; tor; amstrad; software; program; game; games; disk; code; command; data data; fun school; machine code; hit squad; amstrad action; games tor; software house; swap tor; public domain; squad hit
Downloads: 540
[texts]Commodore User Magazine Issue 47

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; commodore; ttie; screen; games; graphics; software; data; screen scene; double dragon; andy grifo; screen shots; three games; infinite lives; tahir rashid; software house; sellout sellout; music expansion
Downloads: 229
[texts]ACE - Issue 49 (1991-10)(Future Publishing)(GB)
ACE - Issue 49 (1991-10)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: ace; amiga; game; software; games; ibm; computer; player; atari; famicom; tennis tour; pro tennis; super famicom; player manager; stealth fighter; star ratings; release details; full blast; ubi soft; software house
Downloads: 116
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 058

Keywords: spectrum; software; erm; game; sinclair; program; screen; interface; adventure; graphics; facts box; user january; sinclair user; graphic adventure; judge dredd; great escape; arcade game; super soccer; software house; top gun
Downloads: 398
[texts]Crash - No. 45 (1987-10)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 45 (1987-10)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: crash; games; software; game; spectrum; graphics; adventure; arcade; screen; october; crash october; addictive qualities; software houses; software house; crash history; gremlin graphics; melbourne house; grand prix; budget games; vorcon wars
Downloads: 313
[texts]Crash - No. 66 (1989-07)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 66 (1989-07)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: crash; lor; game; spectrum; graphics; thai; cass; games; sae; crash july; super scramble; cass disk; scramble simulator; overseas overseas; crazy cars; mail order; graphics sound; start firing; software house
Downloads: 78
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 06

Keywords: games; game; atari; software; tgm; spectrum; commodore; amiga; screen; graphics; pink panther; high score; games machine; computer games; version update; dear games; software houses; software house; amstrad cpc; sound effects
Downloads: 484
[texts]Crash - No. 78 (1990-07)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 78 (1990-07)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: crash; games; coupe; spectrum; game; software; speccy; sam; disk; sam coupe; crash july; hong kong; software house; shropshire sys; sale sale; head butt; rainbow island; fun school; dear lloyd
Downloads: 230
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 024

Keywords: ihe; erm; thai; screen; game; ihc; lor; graphics; tor; map screen; ihe game; irom ihe; takes place; space bar; sol fed; software house; shropshire syb; press play; inner sanctum
Downloads: 543
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 30

Keywords: game; amiga; games; atari; sega; arcade; software; tgm; mega drive; graphics; rainbow arts; free game; castle master; software house; software houses; disk drive; sound effects; mark caswell; sega mega
Downloads: 270
[texts]Crash - No. 60 (1989-01)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 60 (1989-01)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: crash; spectrum; rrp; games; offer; game; software; disk; screen; atari; crash january; cass disk; addictive qualities; data data; total eclipse; software house; randomize usr; game set; exit top; disk author
Downloads: 210
[texts]Crash - No. 24 (1986-01)(Newsfield)(GB)
Crash - No. 24 (1986-01)(Newsfield)(GB)
Keywords: data; game; crash; software; spectrum; games; graphics; screen; poke; crash christmas; christmas special; machine code; melbourne house; software house; randomize usr; comments control; art studio; addictive qualities; software houses
Downloads: 176
[texts]C16 Plus 4 Handbook Issue 10 (1987-05)(H&D Services)(GB)
C16 Plus 4 Handbook Issue 10 (1987-05)(H&D Services)(GB)
Keywords: poke; game; sys; games; infinite; pbm; jade; adventure; drop; buckaroo; infinite lives; buckaroo banzai; machine code; infinite time; game playing; software house; scores graphics; three times; terra cognita; takes place
Downloads: 85
[texts]Amstrad Action Issue 082

Keywords: ttie; disk; cpc; tlie; ifs; tor; tfie; ttw; disk drive; game; three screen; target score; avon bal; day target; action test; amstrad action; art studio; mega drive; software house
Downloads: 414
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 023

Keywords: games; ihe; game; atari; software; spectrum; crll; print; computer; video; video games; machine code; low price; arcade game; computer games; bbc model; software house; seventh empire; ihe game; games news
Downloads: 2,275
[texts]CVG Magazine Issue 064

Keywords: game; ond; vou; thai; spectrum; tor; atari; yoy; randomize usr; screen; pretty good; marble madness; pin ball; transfer game; ihe game; software house; usr val; video games; ihe enemy
Downloads: 578
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 070

Keywords: spectrum; game; games; software; sinclair; graphics; program; user; interface; tasword; sinclair user; star wars; word processor; user january; tony dillon; mail order; display file; combat school; software house; game tape
Downloads: 388
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 10

Keywords: atari; offer; game; games; amiga; spectrum; tgm; software; amstrad cpc; commodore; computer games; big apple; version update; electronic arts; software house; software houses; games machine; personal computer; amstrao cpc
Downloads: 1,151
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 11

Keywords: crash; game; software; ihe; games; graphics; spectrum; adventure; tor; ttie; crash december; comments control; software houses; addictive qualities; machine code; software house; good software; melbourne house; dark star; pre defined
Downloads: 461
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